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Information for travelling abroad

November 11, 2021 



Dear Parents and Guardians, 


This letter is to inform you of the new federal and provincial government guidelines regarding mandatory isolation after international travel.


Fully vaccinated students 

In compliance with the federal government’s requirements, asymptomatic students who return from international travel and who have received their second vaccination at least 14 days prior can attend school or daycare. As a reminder, all students must complete a self-assessment every morning before they arrive at school. 


Unvaccinated students 

All students who are not fully vaccinated and are returning from international travel, regardless of the duration, must wait 14 days after arriving back in Canada before returning to school or daycare. This applies to all students, including those under 12, who travelled with fully vaccinated individuals and who are therefore exempt from the mandatory federal quarantine. Students who are not authorized to return to class during this 14-day period will receive assignments asynchronously via Google Classroom during their absence. 


Those who are exempt from quarantine for exceptional reasons (for example, those travelling because of cross-border custody agreements or those who are receiving medical care) can continue to attend school or daycare. 


We believe that it is important to inform you of these guidelines and requirements so that they can be taken into consideration when planning international travel.




Joseph Picard

Director of Education