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Consultation on the Board’s Values

March 28, 2022 


Dear Parents, 
The Conseil scolaire catholique Providence is currently updating its strategic planning. As part of this process, we are conducting a consultation on the core values that should be fostered among staff and students to ensure the success and wellbeing of every student in the Board's schools.
We wish to undertake a consultation to identify the key values that should guide our actions, our gestures, and our words. In other words, what are the most important values that should guide our beliefs and behaviours?
We are asking that you identify in one word or in a few words the value that should be fostered within the Board. Then, provide a short description of an observable behaviour that reflects that value. You may certainly identify more than one value, if so, please provide one entry per value.  
For example, to identify a value, you might choose to write:
  • a single word: integrity
  • or a few words: behaving honestly and professionally
The observable behaviour’s description for this value could be: getting people to collaborate and to trust each other.
Thank you for sharing your suggestions through the following anonymous survey: Consultation on the Board’s Values by April 1 at 9pm.
Please be respectful when sharing your ideas.
Joseph Picard
Director of Education