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School attendance zones

The “school attendance zone” refers to the area served by each school.
To find out which school is in your school attendance zone, use the school attendance zone finder.
If you cannot locate the school in your area, email your full residential address, including postal code, to or call 1 888 768-2219, ext 252.  If you wish to enroll your child in a school other than the one corresponding to your address, you must provide transportation to bring your child to school.

Request for school attendance outside the zone

Students must attend school in their designated school attendance area unless an exemption is granted by the host school administration. To submit a request for school attendance outside the zone, the student and/or their parents/guardians submit an admission request in writing to a school located outside their designated area, specifying the reason(s) for the exception.
The request for admission outside the zone will be considered taking into account the reason for the request and the following criteria:
  1. There is space in the school to receive the pupil coming from another zone.
  2. Parents or the student must provide transportation for the student.
  3. Admission of a student from another zone does not incur any additional costs to the school board.
  4. Special facilities and services are available to meet the needs of the student’s program and/or the needs of the family (e.g. daycare).