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About Csc Providence

The Conseil scolaire catholique Providence serves students in an area of more than 28,819 km2 including the Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, Lambton / Sarnia, London-Middlesex-Elgin, Woodstock / Oxford, Huron-Perth and Gray regions. -Bruce. Our extensive network of 23 elementary schools and 7 French Catholic secondary schools allow more than 10,000 students to feel part of a large, enthusiastic French-speaking Catholic school community and to receive first-rate education in a a rich, equitable and inclusive learning environment.

One of the best French-language education opportunities in Ontario

Because we strongly believe in the importance of developing a Catholic francophone identity, our schools offer your child a very high quality French-language education that will allow him to meet the highest standards in colleges and universities, and the workforce, in Canada’s two official languages.

That is why we provide constant communication between you, your child and our schools, because we want to establish a sense of belonging that can create a learning environment in which your child will be encouraged to excel, both personally and academically. Have you chosen one of our French-language Catholic school board schools? Without a doubt you have made a good choice!

Proximity, constancy and integrity

Proximity means that our students know that our mission of training them to take their place in the world in very important to us. We strive to pay special attention to each one of them, to give them the tools they need to claim their dreams and follow their ambitions.

Constancy ensures that all actions follow a long-term plan and vision whose objective is to train complete adults demonstrating compassion and an openness to others. Integrity provides the certainty that all decisions and actions that we make are done with respect to our students and in harmony with our educational approach and our commitment to the Christian faith.

Academic excellence

We support and guide your child as if he were our own. We are conscious of the fact that by building an inclusive, trusting environment and by caring for the quality of our reception, we are communicating to your child that he is part of a community on which he can count.

Educational approach

By promoting a success culture and implementing pedagogical programs, services and strategies, we want to give your child access to the best French-language Catholic education in Ontario.

Support and security

We are who we are, because we believe that we have the tools, openness, concern for collaboration, internal resources as well as the humanity to appropriately support your child so that he can proudly affirm his faith, language and culture.

Your child: at the heart of our priorities

All too often, human connections, compassion, proximity and attentiveness are neglected when the time comes to provide an education. For all stakeholders in our French-language Catholic school board, these are essential to offer the personalized support needed for the development of each student.

We have been so successful over the years because we make sure your child is always a priority.


Why choose a French-language Catholic education for his child?

For over 230 years, l’école catholique has followed a tradition built on both excellence and innovation. Synonymous with quality education and superior academic achievement, l’école catholique holds Ontario’s highest graduation rate.

Learn why seven out of ten parents choose l’école catholique.

Educational approach

French Catholic School, my first great success!

Anchored in Catholic values, the centre of our environment completely focusing on personal enrichment and openness toward the world, our educational approach is based on two pivotal elements, i.e., a long-term educational plan, and the time allocated to each student.


Programs and Services

We are proud to be offering you a wide range of programs and services to improve the students' performance, commitment and satisfaction.

The school programs stem from the priorities that are defined by the students, as they epitomize the diversity, the needs and the interests at the heart of the student population.

Documents and Forms Required for Registration

To register your child in the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence's schools, please have the following documents in your possession for the registration session:

  • the copy of a document certifying your child's age (birth certificate, baptism certificate or adoption certificate);
  • a document certifying your parental status or responsibility (birth certificate, baptism certificate or adoption certificate);
  • a copy of his or her health card and of his or her immunization record;
  • a proof of Canadian citizenship or of landed immigrant status or of any other valid legal status, if applicable;
  • a proof of civic address (gas, electricity or phone or account statement, etc.);
  • other documents: court order or ruling related to custody;
  • School Taxes Allocation Request Form and support toward the French-language Catholic schools;
  • any previous school record, if applicable (i.e. report card and diploma).

Before your visit

We will also kindly ask you to fill in the online extensive registration request form through the link below.

However, you may also fill it in with the assistance of one of Csc Providence's staff members during your visit.

Eligibility criteria


Our schools are aimed at families looking to offer French Catholic education to their child.
Consequently, one of the parents should be catholic. Admission of a child from a religious denomination whose baptismal ceremony is recognized by the Catholic Church may be considered.


According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you have the right to register your child in a French-language school if you are:

  • A parent, Canadian citizen, whose first language learned and still understood is French; or
  • A parent, Canadian citizen, who received education at the elementary level in a French-language school in Canada; or
  • A parent, Canadian citizen, with a child who received or is receiving education in the elementary or high school levels in a French-language school.

However, if you do not qualify under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Education Act allows a parent or guardian to request the possibility of admitting the child via an admission committee of the School Board. This is a simple process, which is done through a meeting between members of the board and the family. 

Open Houses

Every year, schools in the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence welcome children and their parents to an open house.

This annual evening event is an excellent opportunity to learn about all the benefits French Catholic school has to offer! Parents will discover a stimulating, personalized learning environment and leading-edge teaching methods, while their children learn about the many interesting experiences that await them.

Did you miss this year’s open house on January 16? No problem! You can contact your local school at any time and make an appointment for a visit. Why not call today? The Conseil scolaire catholique Providence will be delighted to welcome you!


Saint-Francis Wednesday, January 17 | 9:30 am & 1 pm 11 St. Clair, Tilbury 519-682-3243
Saint-Philippe Tuesday, January 23 | 10 am & 5:30 pm 7195 St. Philippe Line, Grande Pointe 519-352-9579
Sainte-Catherine Thursday, January 18 | 5:30 pm 24162 Winterline, Pain Court 519-354-2913
Sainte-Marie Thursday, January 18 | 5 pm 90 Dale Drive, Chatham 519-354-1225


Monseigneur-Augustin-Caron Thursday, January 18 | 5:30 pm 8200 Matchette, LaSalle 519-734-1380
Pavillon des Jeunes Thursday, January 25 | 6 pm 326 Rourke Line, Belle River 519-727-6044
Saint-Ambroise Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 2716 County Road 42, St. Joachim 519-728-2010
Saint-Antoine Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 1317 Lesperance, Tecumseh 519-735-2165
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 365 Fryer, Amherstburg 519-736-6427
Saint-Michel Wednesday, January 24 | 6 pm 33 Sherman, Leamington 519-326-6125
Saint-Paul Tuesday, January 23 | 6 pm 840 Comber Side, Pointe-aux-Roches 519-798-3022
Sainte-Marguerite-d’Youville Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 13025 St. Thomas, Tecumseh 519-735-5766
Sainte-Ursule Thursday, January 18 | 5:30 pm 573 Grondin, McGregor 519-726-6114


Frère-André Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 400 Base Line West, London 519-471-6680
Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc Wednesday, January 17 | 6:30 pm 35 Fallons Lane, London 519-457-3141
Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf Thursday, January 18 | 6:30 pm 270 Chelton, London 519-963-1219


Georges-P.-Vanier Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 6200 Edgar, Windsor 519-948-9481
Monseigneur-Jean-Noël Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 3225 California, Windsor 519-966-6670
Saint-Edmond Thursday, January 18 | 6 pm 1880 Totten, Windsor 519-945-0924
Sainte-Thérèse Wednesday, January 24 | 6 pm 5305 Tecumseh East, Windsor 519-945-2628


Saint-Dominique-Savio Visit by appointment 800 23rd Street East, Owen Sound 519-371-0627


Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin Thursday, January 18 | 9:30 am and 6 pm 931 Champlain, Sarnia 519-542-5423


Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys Wednesday, January 17 | 6:30 pm 700 Bristol, Woodstock 519-539-2911
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